Back-to-Back TO Back-to-Back!

This week (THURSDAY 3/6 and FRIDAY 3/7) we have BACK-TO-BACK shows at Delia Foley’s and then Main Street Oyster House, THEN the following week (WEDNESDAY 3/12 and THURSDAY 3/13) we have BACK-TO-BACK shows AGAIN at Main Street Oyster House and then Delia Foley’s!! All four shows will be amazing so be sure to come out!! Kicking it off this week is MARK NORMAND!!


The Final HaHa…

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great happiness and sorrow that we bid farewell to our Sean Bolan’s room this coming Tuesday, February 4th. The FIRST EVER Color Me Funny show was on May 1st, 2012 at this establishment and we have only been moving up and out into the world of comedy because of it. We appreciate everything they have done for us, but we are shifting our efforts towards weekend shows with bigger and better talent than ever before! Come celebrate with us as we host an open mic for ANYONE and EVERYONE that would like to perform! See you on the 21st!


Thank you Baltimore Sun!!

Color Me Funny would like to give a huge THANK YOU! to Chris Kaltenbach from the Baltimore Sun for writing a terrific article about us and the comedy scene in Baltimore! We hope our website is easy to navigate; If you look to the right you will see our upcoming events and a detailed calendar of the lineup and locations of each. Also, be sure to check out the “VIDEOS” section to see our Web Shorts.

As a favor to us, we ask that you please take the time to “LIKE” our Facebook page and SHARE it with your friends! We work hard to bring great FREE comedy to Baltimore, and the further we can reach out the more we can do!

Thanks and we hope to see comedy in Baltimore continue to flourish!


Dear Everyone and their Mother!

Color Me Funny has recently been asked to start producing a show on FRIDAY NIGHTS at our existing Wednesday night room, Main Street Oyster House!! That means EVERY WEEK we will be having FREE comedy at Main Street Oyster!! This new Friday night show will be much more like a comedy club lineup, i.e. a Host, a Guest, a Feature and a Headlining comedian. BIG NAMES are coming out to help us kick these Friday shows off, starting with HBO, BET, and DEF COMEDY JAM performer TIMMY HALL on January 24th!

Big Shuckin' Comedy Show! Starring TIMMY HALL

Big Shuckin’ Comedy Show! Starring TIMMY HALL

100th show!!!

Hey Fans of Color Me Funny!!!

This coming Wednesday, December 18th we are having our 100TH SHOWWWW!!! We have been at it for almost 2 years now and we have officially reached out 100th booked show! Be sure to come out to Main Street Oyster House at 9pm for a night filled with skits and games for a whole slew of Baltimore’s best AND THE AUDIENCE to participate in!


October Promo: A Monster Wedding

Hey CMF fans! If you want to know who is going to be at the shows this coming month, check out the October Promo Video that Justin and Matt are in! As usual, being somewhat homoerotic… Enjoy A MONSTER WEDDING!!

Also, don’t know if it’s clear in the video BUT the “wedding date” is actually a big party that we are hosting in Bel Air! Location to be announced soon!

Upcoming Projects!

Hey CMF-ers! In the last year, half of Color Me Funny has pursued acting roles and worked on projects with other production teams to exercise our talents and get ourselves out there! Here are links to those projects in hopes that our Comedy Fans (YOU GUYS!) can help support.

Mike Turpin worked with Charm City to produce a comedy pilot and some funny comedy shorts:

Joe Greenway was asked to play the lead role in a short comedy film called “Designer Mistake”:

and Matt Mahaffey has been working with a project called ESP to create a sci-fi pilot. He has also made an appearance in the same production that Joe Greenway starred in:

JULY SHOWS: Promo Video!

Hey fans of Color Me Funny and FREEEEEE standup comedy! Here is the fun and easy way to find out about our shows coming up this July. Watch, Laugh, Enjoy; and always be sure to “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” our Youtube videos and links! Have a terrific July and we’ll see you out there!